Bills for iPad: FAQ

How do I change the default currency?
How do I manage categories?
PIN code essentials and recovery
I cannot see my entries! What’s wrong?
How do I add semi-monthly bills?
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- How do I change the default currency?

Currency in Bills for iPad is set according to your regional settings. If you want to change your currency, you need to change your region in the iPad settings. From your iPad home screen go to settings – general – international – region format – choose your country. Launch Bills for iPad, and it will have the currency of the country you have selected.

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- How do I manage categories?

Categories have 2 levels: parent and subcategory. To add a parent category, go the list of categories (for example when adding a new bill), tap +, and fill out the form. To create a subcategory, tap +, and choose a parent category for this new category that you are creating.

Please note!

  1. If you want to edit a category that already exists or has been previously created, tap the category icon down and hold it for 3 seconds. It will open a dialog with editing options.
  2. You will not be able to delete a category if you use it anywhere in the application.
  3. If a category has subcategories, you only can assign subcategories to your bills, but not the parent category.

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- PIN code essentials and recovery

If you want to set up a PIN code for your data protection, we highly recommend you to add your email too. Attention! If you forget your PIN code, you will be able to retrieve your PIN only if you have provided your email. We have no access to your application, and we do not store your PIN code, so it will be impossible to retrieve your PIN code if you have not added your email.

If you did not add your email address, and forgot your PIN code, the only way how you can start working with the application again is to delete it from your iPad and download it again from iTunes.

To delete the application, go to your iPad home screen, tap the application’s icon and hold it down for 3 seconds. Then you will see how all the icons started trembling, and get the x-mark on their corners. Tap the x-mark on the application’s icon, and the application will be erased from your iPad. Now, go to iTunes, find the application, and tap “Buy”. If you use the same account, which you have used to purchase the application, this secondary download will be absolutely free for you.

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- I cannot see my entries! What’s wrong?

You may happen to not see your entries because of 2 reasons: either you are trying to see an entry in the day, which is not the actual day of the bill, or you are incidentally using a filter (drawer) different from All. Please make sure that the month is correct, and that there is the appropriate filter applied, and you will see your entries!

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- How do I add semi-monthly bills?

Please note: there is a bi-weekly option in the application! If you still need it not bi-weekly, but semi-monthly: in order to avoid confusion, there is no direct option for semi-monthly bills. However, it is possible to add them. If you pay for anything semi-monthly, for example, each 1st and 15th day of a month, you need to create two monthly bills: first set of bills for the 1st days of months, and second set of bills for the 15th days of months.

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Make sure to check this basic visual Help Guide too.

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