Bills for iPhone: help guide

Bills for iPhone is an iPhone application, which is meant to help you plan your monthly bills and expenses. The application has local notifications, and can sync with the iPad version and with another iPhone.

1. Start with adding your spending limit for this month. For doing so, tap the upper progress bar.

2. Now you are ready to start planning. Tap the calendar days of this month, where you are planning to have an expense. Then tap + (left upper corner) and fill out the details of your bill. First you will need to select a category, and then you will need to define the amount, and periodicity of the bill (repeat once every...); you may also add an end date, or leave it blank.

Example: you can choose bi-weekly periodicity by selecting Repeat once every 2 weeks.

NB: you can create subcategories for the parent categories. For doing so, tap a category icon and hold it down for 3 seconds. This will call a context menu, where you can choose “Open”, and add subcategories there.

3. When adding a bill, choose what kind of bill and expenses this will be. You can choose it as a “Plan” for the future, “Paid” for something that has already been paid off, and “Autopay” for auto-generated entries.

4. When you are done with planning for this month, you will may have the following image, where green marks indicate bills that have already been paid, blue marks stand for planned bills, and red marks stand for overdue bills.

5. Now you are ready to track the bills. When you want to show that the bill has been paid off, you can find it in the list below the calendar, and either tap the check mark to the left from the bill, or tap the entry, and mark it as “paid”. You may also change the amount of the bill, and this will mean that the bill has been paid partially.

6. And here is a trick: tap the yellow arrow below the calendar! And the calendar will roll up, showing you an extended list of all the bills for this month.

7. Here you can see drawers, which serve as filters. Tap any drawer to show only paid, planned, overdue, or all bills for this month.

8. Finally, use the “More” button (upper left corner) to see more options. There you have one more filter by categories, pin code protection, export to HTML and CSV (Excel), Sync with other iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, and this manual.

13. Sync via Dropbox

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